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Winter Guide

The Winter guide continues the curriculum with plans and activities for the months of December, January, and February. Like the other three manuals it integrates practical life, sensorial, math, language, science and nature, geography, social studies, sign language, music, art, yoga, and other learning experiences into a meaningful and interrelated theme.

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Montessori material /equipment is integrated into the curriculum and introduced in sequential order throughout the guides.

The guide is arranged in daily plan format, but may be used as an idea book rather than followed sequentially. Select, rearrange, modify, and merge with your own ideas - using the plans as springboards for launching into the needs and interests of each child.

December themes include: Introduction to the Continents; Geography, flags, biomes, animals, and people of North America; Our country, our state, our city; and Celebrations around the World.

January includes: Time- Year, Seasons, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds; The Time Line of Earth and living things; Geography, flags, biomes, animals, and people of South America.

February includes: Our country's time line; Presidents and Flag; Geography, flags, biomes, animals, and people of Europe.

Developed in the 3 to 6 classroom, the guides are used in the ages 6 to 9 classroom with minor modifications. See How to Use the Guides for suggestions for using with ages 3 to 9.

The Winter guide introduces 49 through 56 of 95 yoga poses with easy-to-follow instructions for integrating yoga into the classroom or home school. Yoga calms the mind and the body, oxygenates the brain, increases focus and concentration. Yoga Cards are available to use with the guides. Click or use the "Yoga With Children" button at the left.

Instructions are included for making and presenting "Celebration of Life"- a meaningful way to honor a child's life accomplishments and birthday.

Supplement to the Guides: Instructions for the Montessori Work, the companion book for the guides, is now available for homeschool parents using the curriculum. To see the Table of Contents page click or use the "Supplement to the Guides" navigation button.

A daily art activity is presented Montessori style, to be chosen independently from the shelf. Emphasis is on the joy of process rather than product. Instructions explain the materials needed, how to set up the work, and the process or demonstration.

Teachers and home school parents love the theme related book lists. To see this month’s list click on "This Month's Book List" navigation button.

Inspirational quotes by Maria Montessori are throughout the guide.

An important feature is the weekly journal page for daily notes and classroom observations, quiet reflection, and planning.

The manual is 8 1/2" x 11" with 147 pages. It is professionally printed and spiral bound to fold back and lay flat while in use.

Created by a Montessori classroom director and the children in her classrooms.

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