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The curriculum has been in use in Montessori schools for the past ten years and in home schools for four years. It was developed over a period of fifteen years by a Montessori teacher, led and directed by the needs and interests of the children in her classrooms. A Montessori classroom is a home-like environment where children of varying ages function as a small community. This makes it well suited and easily adapted to the home school environment.

The complete set of four teaching guides provides suggestions for every day of the year with flexibility and options for use each year as it grows with the child. It is based on Maria Montessori's cosmic education theme. See Bird’s Eye View of the Year for an overview of the year's themes.

Supplement to the Guides was developed in response to homeschool parents. It gives simple and concise instructions for the Montessori materials, Grace & Courtesy, the Great Lessons, for making many of the materials, as well as an overview of Montessori philosophy, a list of recommended Montessori material resources, and guidelines for using with ages 3 to 12.

[Please note: The guides include detailed lessons for use with ages 3 to 6. However, we have received three returns from homeschool parents who have felt there is not enough information in the guides and the supplement for them to use them with the elementary level, ages 6 to 12. While the guides are used by Montessori teachers in 6 to 9 and 9 to 12 classrooms it is more difficult for homeschool parents to apply it without training in the elementary Montessori materials. The Supplement to the Guides includes instructions for many but not all of the Montessori elementary materials. Please see Using the guides with ages 3 to 6 and 6 to 12. Using with the elementary child allows even more freedom to explore and further develop the curriculum according to the individual needs and abilities of the child. Some parents and students love this and run with it while others find it too lacking in structure.]

The Montessori Method
The Montessori Method is based on respect and observation of the child and the preparation of an environment based on the needs of the child in which the child takes an active part in directing his or her own learning. The child is allowed to learn through self-discovery at his or her own pace. Maria Montessori’s emphasis was on world peace by giving the child an overview of the whole world and universe. Our curriculum is based on Maria Montessori’s philosophy and peace curriculum, also called "cosmic education."

The Montessori materials are introduced sequentially throughout the four guides. It is not necessary to have all the materials to use the curriculum and many of them can be hand made.

When using the Montessori manipulative equipment (not included) no other teaching texts are needed for ages 3 to 6. Math, Language, and other areas of study are built into the equipment and the curriculum. The older child will use research books to further explore areas of interest.  If the homeschool budget is limited it is possible to use the curriculum with handmade materials only or combined with traditional methods.

While it is preferable to have Montessori training, this is not always possible for parents making the choice to home school. Many parents don’t have access to a Montessori school or simply choose the homeschool alternative. Freedom of choice being a basic Montessori principle we respect this decision. An overview of Montessori philosophy and a recommended reading list for understanding the philosophy is included in the Supplement to the Guides. Each of the guides include an invitation for one-on-one questions and suggestions with the author by email.

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