Just Rocks in a Box- 64 crayons in 16 colors- 4 sets of the above 16 colors. Enough for a classroom of 24 children. $29.95 each

Crayon Rocks are all natural soy wax crayons made from USA grown soybeans and colored with mineral pigments.
The colors are vibrant and can be layered to make beautifully textured art work.
They were designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles, preparing fingers and hands for handwriting.
The shape allows small fingers to color in large, wide strokes creating pictures rich in color.
Crayon Rocks are used by occupational therapists to develop fine motor skills.

Safe and Non-toxic
Crayon Rocks is committed to offering a safe and eco-friendly product. Made from soy oil, a renewable resource, they are an environmentally better choice over traditional petroleum wax crayons. Crayon Rocks are non-toxic and conform to ASTM 4236 and are CPSIA compliant. Crayon Rocks have NO phthalates in them. Phthalates are substances added to plastics to make them more flexible. All tests show Crayon Rocks to be significantly below the recommended cutoff level for lead and all heavy metals.

Crayon Rocks Ingredients: U.S.A. grown and processed Kosher soy wax and several other organic waxes such as carnauba. Colorants are derived from minerals. The filler, which gives the crayon its body, is a natural ground up rock.

Made in USA
Crayon Rocks are made in Hestand, Kentucky, USA.

Watch the Crayon Rocks video at www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QByFiUfsduU

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