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About the Author

Gini Newcomb is certified MIA (Montessori Institute of America) since 1986 and MEPI (Montessori Educational Programs International) since 1995. She has served in the various positions of School Manager, Assistant Director, Director, and Lead Teacher- but her favorite position is in the classroom with the children.

Gini has a BA in Studio Art with a Minor in Art History from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Since leaving the classroom in order to author and promote the classroom guides, she has continued her active work with children and parents through her program, Roots & Wings Family Yoga. She is a certified YogaKids facilitator and is available to give teacher workshops for integrating yoga into the classroom. She has three sons, three daughters-in-law, and four awesome grandchildren~ Howie, Marley, Lincoln, and Reagan.

Montessori Educational Programs International

Montessori Educational Programs International, MEPI, was founded in 1995 by representatives of seven teacher education programs and other individuals interested in promoting peace through authentic Montessori education and practice.

The organization, comprised of individual and school members from the United States and several other countries, is an outgrowth of the work of Dr. Helen K. Billings, an inspiring leader in the field of Montessori education. Following her participation in a Montessori teacher education program in Italy in 1960 she actively encouraged others, through her global network, to adopt the Montessori philosophy into their lives in general, and especially in their work as educators.

MEPI, in the spirit of this purpose, offers education programs for Montessori teachers, leadership for the membership though its publications, quality control for all schools, teacher education programs, and humanitarian assistance to children and families in need.

The basic premise of MEPI is that mankind will continue to advance towards higher states of harmony and wisdom. In this enhanced society, we envision that every responsible individual will make a lasting commitment to education and to the search for knowledge and new ideas. Such efforts will bring a greater understanding of the universal needs of Man and encourage the will to be more cooperative and productive as we aim to achieve these goals and values common to us all. While we stress cooperative efforts toward rational educational goals, we also want to recognize and allow room for new ideas to be heard. Being tolerant of differences is one of the hallmarks of the Montessori world and MEPI. By respecting individual differences, we aim to encourage a productive exchange of ideas and techniques. The philosophy of MEPI is a work in progress. Through awareness, tolerance and understanding, we can achieve peace among members of our organization and our immediate communities. The achievement of localized peace and harmony will in turn encourage a global and universal peace.

MEPI Mission Statement

MEPI exemplifies authentic Montessori education and promotes excellence through certified schools, professional training, and certified classroom directors. The mission focus is:

To foster and encourage authentic Montessori education
To furnish information, guidance, instruction, and consultation
To help each child reach his/her full human potential
To offer and apply developmentally appropriate and educationally
     sound principles of learning
To serve children and families through humanitarian efforts
To promote peace through education

To visit the MEPI website click here.

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